Indrajit is the 'fun'der director. A certified lifeskills trainer, a WP Fellow and a peace Awardee. He works on the strategic designs and planning

Abdul, our chief volunteer and the  community mobilizer. He jells excellent with the communities and bridges the gap and understanding.

Sukanya, Director, communications and media. She brings perspectives. She is a ICS-Pravah International Citizen Service fellow. She joined WAY when she was a student and picked up things fast and with grace. When with kids she can make them dance till it reaches their souls.

Aben, Director, Programs is the "Breargrill" of the the team. Give him anything broken and he will fix it like a pro. A generational animator.

Together we transform conversations about youth and innovation into real solutions that inspire young people to realize meaningful engagement of their lives and overcome the challenges they face.


In today’s world, where there are few secular, non-commercial spaces to “hang out”, meet others, share opinions and views and take action, there is an urgent need to create such 5th spaces where young people can lead their own development and growth.

The four traditional spaces conform to societal, family and peer pressures where a young person often cannot voice his/her opinions openly. These spaces, as they exist, cannot organically create opportunities for young people to learn about themselves and the world around them. Received wisdom flowing through these spaces interferes in the making of informed choices.

Swati, she is a Gandhi Fellow and has been volunteering ever since she was in her grads. She works with the networking and linkage.

 When young people have the right set of tools and processes to address the demands and challenges of their daily lives it creates a ripple effects in their social surroundings and in return increases our social capital. We together with our community of young volunteers and our mentors makes this idea into a reality

Sonal, Director, Operations is responsible for making operations fun. A UNFPA Changmaker, who loves details and also an empathetic listener.

.Poonam, she is our official fellow at Delhi, and represents us at many national platforms and events. An athlete who belives life is a "game".

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Convenor, CYC

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5th space

When we started we did'nt realise where the journey of change would take us to till the point when we represented India in World Professional Congress, USA

Every space need torch light to guide through the dark allies. For us our MENTORS have always stand firm and strong through every phase