We Are Young


We conduct regular weekly sessions on lifeskills in different schools, each session consist of 1hour of activity based learnings

These workshops includes orientation on Lifeskills and activity based learning methodologies for both principals and teachers




WAY Lifeskills is a program run in both private and government schools which equips children with lifeskills to be aware of the world around them, to enable them to play a role in shaping the world they want to see tomorrow, and take action toward a more desirable, sustainable future. In our society today, communities are made up of people with a wide range of ideas and orientations, but also there is so much competition that we restrict our senses to concentrate on one particular sphere rather than trying to make optimum utilization of our potentials. Children at their various stages of life face various conflicting and confusing situation which transform their attitude towards life.  

Through this program we are constantly striving to inculcate and use life skill as a means to support and prepare children in their transition phase from adolescence to adulthood. Over the past few years we have found out that experiential and activity based learning methods like storytelling, games, brain teasers and performative storytelling works as a potential medium to engage kids in the process of imparting lifeskills. To assess their understanding on the same, Social action projects are introduced and designed by the childrens which demands the application of life skills while solving the issues they choose on ground. This projects are then documented and fed back into the larger framework for re-imagining learning methods for children.

Began working with 2 schools in 2013 and reached out to 25 schools by 2016



On an average each children has attended atleast 10hours of activity based lifeskills sessions

WAY Lifeskills


We design and curate programs that involve children in driving change within themselves and their communities. Considering the fact that these children have a young soul and has the power to bring sustainable, substantial and subtle changes into the world, we are engaging children and adolescents in the process through a psycho-social intervention to bring in positive learning experiences in their lives.

The main agenda of this program revolves around 3 sectors i.e life skills, waste management and up cycling. This program intends to turn all the waste that the school produces into up cycled materials for further and long term use. The waste items include broken and unused table, chairs, food waste and plastics that are found in the school premises and nearby areas. While working on the waste materials, a simplified design thinking process is developed, demonstrated and implemented by the children.

During the process children are more likely to communicate with each other, help each other and become more empathetic towards each other’s behaviour and situation which in terms affect their Lifeskills Development. Moreover while students practice the art of up cycling waste materials, many terms and aspects related to their academic curriculum are better understood and implemented on a practical ground.

The program has adapted the concept of makers space in it.  Makerspace is a constructivist and constructionist movement that is taking the world by storm. Imagine DIY meets education! Makerspace is not only a hackshop where you can go to learn how to use an arc welder for the afternoon, but an educational concept as well.