We Are Young


In our quest to understand young people more deeply and engage and support.. we have come up with  "Youth Concern Survey 2017".

The Youth Concern Survey sought to capture the views and perspectives of young people from the northeast region on career, education, value and views about relationship. The programme takes place every year with a new theme on its platter. When young people dream big and believe they can achieve those dreams, the possibilities for our country are endless. Therefore understanding their concerns will allow preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. This program intends to conduct need assessment surveys in various college campuses in the city which in turn will help co-create a robust strategy or process to engage young people in youth-led development. To ensure that our outreach attains a good number, we set up "fun and learn stalls" in college campuses to engage students in fun games related to active citizens and encourage them to take part in the survey. With this comes the focused group discussions involving parents and teachers, interviews with social activists who are committed to working with children and young, youth adda’s with pass-out /ex-students and online survey forms.

This programme further provides an insight on where and how young people should invest their time, energy and skills in order to be capable of fulfilling their dreams and flourish in their own lives.

This is a annual survey we have began and plans to conduct one each year with specific themes.This year we will be focusing on Career and Education, Values and relationship aspect.

                 Watch out for this space for the report, coming soon



Survey opened: 5th May, 2017

Survey closed: 20th Oct, 2017