Over the past couple of years while facilitating the young people and children and policy makers, we have got opportunities to create, learn and develop and deliver workshops for children and young people. Now, we are giving our learning and research gathered over years to the development practitioners and potential changemakers in the form of specially designed workshops.

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We have always used some form of art in most of our designs and conversations. This is another offer from our bucket for youth facilitators. Graphic facilitation is blend of live drawing and facilitation methodologies used in planning, problem solving, thinking, learning, coaching, goal-setting and team processes.  

It is a practice that will enhance your ability to: •  create clarity and alignment in a group

•  make complex issues understandable

•  improve systems thinking

•  heighten group engagement

•  stimulate participation and dialogue

The program equips students for leadership, helps young students find their identity and purpose. Leadership gives students meaning and ownership while developing their gifts and skills.

They develop a unique learning plan for their own nurturing and training and a mentor/youth facilitator helps them in the process of creating the self-design learning journey. These journeys follows a self to society model which typically  begins with workshop on understanding self and concludes with a learning  and reflection workshop on their social action projects

"A space, that helps you reconnect with your soul... the skills that I gained through  my experiential learning journey in WAY has helped me being who I am today"

Swati Gupta,

Gandhi Fellow (2015 batch)

WAY Lead @Delhi



We have led many campaigns in collaboration with many national and state level organizations and government departments and reached out to thousands of young people all around Northeast India

There are around 1.8 billion young people across the world today. The report titled ‘The power of 1.8 billion’, said 28 percent of India’s population is 10 to 24 year-olds. Never before in the history, there has been so many young people and unlikely there will be any, which brings the urgency to work with young people and support, engage and inspire them to participate in the development processes and reconnect with their innerselves and the larger world.




This workshop developed organically. We have hand picked various tools, processes from world class models and incorporated our own experience and framed this workshop for youth facilitators, educators and MSW students. Over a time of 3-5days we give necessary skills and inputs that help youth workers design and deliver impactful experiential learning sessions.



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Youth Camp is a 5-7 day residential camp that primarily focuses on helping young people build, connect and delve into their self-learning processes. The entire camp is designed in a way that young people get a space to co-create and co-led their own journey with a sense of freedom and responsibility simultaneously.

Around these sessions, young people also go through a journey full of learning experiences, new ways to reflect their actions and get immersed into the mind boggling process of lifelong learning and know more about the community they are surrounded with.

Here, young people get a chance to get involved in various outbound learning activities which also works as an essential break from the daily chores of life. We ensure that Youth Camps provides tools to build their self-confidence through exposure to new people, ideas and experiences that will help expand their horizons to an extent where they are able to envisage the change they want to bring into their lives.​​



* numbers are calculated from May, 2013 till August, 2017

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